Lucy Wood and family

Lucy met her husband-to-be John Wood on board Canada, where he was third mate. They married very soon after arriving in New South Wales, on 11 January 1802, at St John’s Parramatta.

The following year John took a position as mate on board the brig Margaret, trading in the south Pacific islands, and Lucy went with him.

The Society Islands (

While at sea Lucy gave birth to a baby boy, George. In April all three of them were shipwrecked when Margaret was stuck on a sandbank during a trading expedition and they were forced to abandon ship. The story of their adventures is written up in A Voyage Round the World by John Turnbull, Margaret’s owner.

Lucy went on to have a daughter, Sophia, and John continued his life as a mariner. They were granted 100 acres across the Hawkesbury from her mother and brother. John died in 1812, aged around 37, possibly at sea.

After a failed attempt to marry her widowered brother in law William Faithfull (the licence was revoked through what was colloquially known as ‘the dead sister act’) Lucy remained a widow for the rest of her life. Later she went to work with her sister Jemima on her farm at Berkeley, Illawarra. She was the longest-lived of all the siblings, eventually dying in 1852, aged 74.


Wood family descendants, 2009


15 thoughts on “Lucy Wood and family

  1. I’m related to Sophia Pitt Wood. I was wondering if their are any photos or drawings of Sophia? Thanks, Clive Bond.

    • Clive – Did I ever respond to this? I do apologise, I’ve just been going through my emails. I’m not aware of any depictions of Sophia Wood but if I come across anything in the course of researching my next book I’ll let you know.

  2. I’m a descendant of George Pitt Wood, he is my 4th great grandfather. I would love to attend a family reunion some day! Great website!

      • Hi, I’m related through Robert Markwell Wood who married Louisa Baines. His daughter Alice Louisa Wood was my great great grandmother , she married John Burgmann and they ran a farm in singleton.

    • Hello Karl, thanks for getting in touch. I’ll put you on the mailing list for any future family events. There’s nothing planned yet but you never know!

  3. Hi Patsy,
    I’ve just finished reading your book on the family and found it so fascinating! You did a terrific job and shed a lot of light on a part of my family I knew very little about so thank you so much!
    I recently came across the records of burials at the old Sydney burial ground, now under the Sydney Town Hall, i saw there was a John Wood buried there October 4th 1812 age 37 came free and Mary Pitt buried November 10th 1815 aged 67 also free, did you know about these?

    Kara Vandenbosch (5th great granddaughter of Lucy Pitt and John Wood)

    • Hello Kara – Good to hear from you again and thanks for the comments on the book. Regarding the burials – I did know Mary was buried, or so I believe, in what is now Central Station (the cemetery remains were removed to somewhere in Botany Bay), but I’m not sure I knew about John Wood. Are you saying the burials themselves were under Sydney Town Hall or the records?

      Thanks for the info, always useful!

      All the best

      • Hi Patsy,
        The information on the burials are on the city of Sydney website. -you can download the lists of burials at the bottom of the page.
        The town hall was built on top of the burial ground and i’m not sure if its able to be confirmed but the names of Mary and John (no 2412 on the list) with all the correct info is on their inventory of burials. I got quite excited when i first saw it but from further reading its a lot of “possible” burials but still it could be something to go on. let me know what you think.


  4. Kara – Better late than never. So sorry I didn’t respond to your email, I took my eye off the family history ball so to speak. I shall check out the link you give me, thanks so much. John Wood is a pretty challenging name to research. I’m interested to hear the Town Hall was built on a burial ground as I had thought it was Central Station. Or maybe both?

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