The Pitt Family Reunion 2009

The first ever Pitt family reunion took place in October 2009 at Coorah, in Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains, NSW.


Coorah was built by our great grandfather RM Pitt on land bequeathed to him by his father GM Pitt. From completely unproductive soil RM created a self sufficient farm, growing stock, vegetables and, most notably, acres of daffodils.

Daffodils at Coorah, with unknown schoolboy (not a relative!).

The property is now the Blue Mountains Grammar School.

The reunion was organised by Libby White, with assistance from Salli Chmura. Altogether well over 100 people attended from all over Australia, and overseas. The weather – cold and pelting with rain – did nothing to dampen the spirits of the invitees, despite having to queue for food and drink on the outdoor veranda.

Libby organised a cake, iced with a quote from Mary Pitt’s letter to her cousin in 1801 …

… which was ceremoniously cut by the oldest and youngest family members present …

… Jim Maple-Brown (from the Faithfull family) and Millie Beeston (a descendant of Thomas Pitt).

There were representatives from all five branches of the family and many of them brought their own pieces of memorabilia, which were exhibited on the walls of adjoining rooms.

Photocopies of Mary’s original handwritten letters to her cousin George Matcham

There were speeches, and tributes to our common ancestress, Mary Pitt, without whose astonishing bravery and conviction over 200 years before none of us would have been there in the first place.

The Pitt family reunion, October 2009


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