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18 thoughts on “Family trees

  1. Great website for a fascinating family! I’m very interested in one of the first G M Pitt’s grandsons, George Matcham Pitt (Tertius ( = ‘the third’) as he was known to some in the Richmond area. As you may know, he was a very successful Sydney architect. As you probably don’t know, he was the architect for a major modification of one of Wentworth Falls’ oldest houses. My partner and I live in it and have a set of plans drawn by this G M Pitt for our house in 1910, so we would love to hear from any of your family who know something about him. Incidentally, G P Walsh wrote an entry on the first G M for the Australian Dictionary of Biography in 1974, although In suspect there’s much more to be said. You may find it of interest. Regards. Jeff Warnock

    • Hi Jeff
      Just picked this up while fiddling around. I wrote an article for the Hawkesbury Gazette on G.M. Pitt last year as part of a series on early Hawkesbury residents. The series should be published in book form later this year. I can’t remember the date it was published inn the Gazette but I can either find out or send you a copy if you wish. I would also appreciate any further information on George Matcham or your home. Some of his work has become a little controversial as some claim that other architects are responsible for some of his work
      Hoping to hear from you
      Deborah Hallam (Pitt)

      • Hello Deborah

        Thanks for your comment on the site. I don’t personally know Jeff Warnock but I will try to dig out his email address and pass your message on to him.

        Best regards Patsy

        On Sat, Apr 27, 2013 at 11:57 AM, The Mary Matcham Pitt family history

  2. Good to hear from you Jeff. I didn’t know anything about GM Pitt the Third so it’s especially interesting to read about the house you live in. I will put the word out and see if we can discover anything more about him.

    Best regards

  3. Hello Patsy, I wonder whether you may have a contact email address for Ms Deborah Hallam, if so could you please pass my email address on to her? Like a lot of people these days, I have been researching my family history with great interest and have found that my great grandmother, Eleanor Marion Skuthorp, nee Benson (also known as ‘Maryanne’), was possibly born at The Goldfinders Rest Inn, Wheeny Creek. Briefly, Eleanor was born 1870 and was the daughter of John Benson and Margaret Anne Benson (nee Lamrock). Sadly, John Benson, a licensee of the Goldfinders Rest, was killed in a horse riding accident in 1873. Margaret Anne’s father was John Lamrock, the previous, (founding?), licensee of the Inn. Anyway, I am so interested in whatever historical artefacts, photos etc. from the period that Deborah may still have at the old Inn, hence my interest in contacting her. I live in Queensland but hope to visit Kurrajong sometime in the future. Best wishes, Suzanne Ramsey, Noosa, Qld.

  4. Hello Suzanne

    I will pass your email address on to Deborah Hallam. Thanks for getting in touch. I hope you find what you’re looking for!

    All the best

  5. Hello Patsy, thank you so much for your assistance, Deborah has been in touch with me and we are corresponding. Much appreciated! Best wishes, Suzanne R.

  6. Whilst searching for information about Elizabeth Laycock, her first husband Thomas Matcham Pitt and William Scott, for a 2nd cousin, I was thrilled to stumble upon your most detailed and informative website. As it transpired I too have a connection to Robert Pitt Jenkins ((F) Robert Jenkins (M) Jemima Pitt), who married a 2nd Grand Aunt, Mary Louisa Adelaide Plunkett who, as you know, perished in the wreck of the “Royal Charter” along with their surviving four sons. You would also be aware that their surviving daughter Alice Frances Jenkins (1st cousin 3xremoved), married Charles Hubert de Castella in 1865 in Sydney. Thank you for making this site available. Kind regards, Jan James

  7. Hi my name is Ray and work at the catholic center emerton nsw A lady came in today looking for the husband’s family Robert pitt married to Judith Andrews Roberts parents is a Robert Pitt with a wife name Winnie ?? robert was married at Parramatta, Not sure how ti assist them. any help Thanks you – (Nice site you have)

    • Hello Ray. The name Judith Andrews is not familiar, nor is Winnie, though some of the earlier Pitt were married at Parramatta . Will keep an eye open for those names and let you know if I find anything.

  8. Hi Folks, I was intrigued when I came across the name “Matcham”. My father was Jack Matcham Kurtz and I had always thought it was a forename, perhaps German, but it appears that there is more to it. Can anyone tell me just where it came from. It appears to be one of those names that is carried through generations.

    • Hello John – Sorry I thought I’d answered your comment already but it seems not. (I am travelling overseas.) Matcham is an old English name that goes back generations. It was Mary Pitt’s maiden name and her son Thomas adopted it as a middle name, followed by his son George and George’s son Robert. It was also the name of Mary’s patron, her cousin George Matcham. I believe it is still in use as a middle name by current generations of the same Pitt family. It would be interesting to know where your father acquired the name.

      • Hi Patsy, it is definitely still in use – my grandfather was Colin Matcham Thirgood, grandson of Mary Matcham Laycock and I named my son Aengus Ioan Matcham to keep the name in the family. Incidentally, the story that comes down from that side of the family is that Mary lived with William Thirgood but they never married – my great aunt searched high and low for evidence they were married and never turned up anything.

      • Hello Cathi

        Is that the Mary Matcham Laycock who first married James Timmins? (Her cousin) I have her down on my tree with William Thirgood as her second husband, but that’s just what I’ve gleaned from other sources, with no references. I haven’t researched her directly so that’s an intriguing bit of news, thank you. Thanks also for the news about your son still retaining the Matcham name. It disappeared from our side of the family with my mother, who was one of three sisters. Good to know it’s still around though.

      • Hi Patsy,

        Yes, that’s her – family story is that she was married before (my great aunt has her listed on our family tree as married to Timmins) and left her husband for William, and that she didn’t marry William because she either didn’t dissolve the first marriage or didn’t wish to go through the whole marriage thing again. My grandfather Colin died when I was quite young and my mother can’t quite remember the details of when he spoke about his grandmother, unfortunately – this is what my grandmother told us in the years before she died. If I can find my great-aunt’s notes I’ll email them to you if you like – I’m not sure everything is accurate but there might be something there that could be of use.

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